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Marine Grade Wind Turbines

Marine Grade Wind Turbines


AWS Marine Grade Wind Turbines are smaller OFF-GRID turbines for boats, caravans and other applications. There are 2 AWS Wind Turbines available: AWS400 (400W) and AWS2000 (1-2kW). AWS Marine Grade Wind Turbines are super quiet, lightweight and marine-grade with carbon-fibre composite blades. Vibration dampener ensures no sound transfers into the mast. The AWS400 is supplied with a charge/turbine controller with an easy-to-read display. AWS2000 controller is internal. 


DIY turbine assembly in less than 15 minutes!

Frequently asked questions

Can I use this wind turbine if I am connected to the Grid?

The answer is No. The AWS Marine Grade wind turbines are Off-Grid only. They connect directly to a DC battery. This wind turbine is not compatible with 250V.

Can these wind turbines work with lithium batteries?

The AWS400 & AWS2000 wind turbines stop charging at 14.4V (12V) and 28.8V (24V). This is usually acceptable for most lithium batteries. But you would have to check the specifications of the particular battery you are using. You can contact us to find out.

Compatible batteries: VoltX 48V 100Ah Premium | VoltX Batteries

Can I mount this wind turbine on the roof of my house?

While it is possible to mount the marine grade wind turbine on the roof of your house, we would not recommend mounting any wind turbine on top of a dwelling due to noise and vibration considerations. We would recommend for this turbine to be pole mounted or mounted on a shed some distance from a dwelling.

Can I install this wind turbine on a domestic house?

You can install the AWS Marine Grade wind turbines on a domestic house. However, you need to check with your Local Council for any restrictions on height, noise, etc. Please note that the battery you are feeding your AWS Marine Grade wind turbine into MUST be Off-Grid. 


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