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Solar Powered Extractor Ventilator

Model: SVT-212S

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This product is a new breakthrough in technology, an extractor ventilator powered by sunlight, ambient lights, no battery, no electricity nor any other man made power source. No wirings, no plugs, no noise, and once installed no running cost whatsoever.



Fully automatic operation powered by solar energy.

Avoid heat build-up at an area being ventilated.

Prevent mold, condensation, mildew, musty odors, damp, etc.

Moves 0.3 cubic metres /11.6 cubic feet of air per minute.

Water resistant, no-noise, safe and pollution free.

Two years limited warranty.

Easy installation.



For caravans, boats, green houses, RVs, trucks, vans, offices, home conservations, kitchens or bathroom substation. Lofts, house boxes, stables farm building, unoccupied holiday homes, temporary sites, telephone boxes, and many others.


Installation Procedure:

Installed on glass:

SUNVENT could be installed into glass surface. However, as much as possible it should be installed facing the sun equator.

Installation accessories are included in this package, all you need is just a glasscutter.

Installed on boat deck / caravan roof:

For additional fixing, insert no. 6 screws through the eyelets; it is recommended to use screws made of brass or stainless where salt water is involved.

Use suitable mastic to seal the area between plastic ventilator and the surface of installation.

For installation purposes, a tubular extension can be use as shown on the right picture.


Installed on wall:

SUNVENT could be installed unto walls or other materials with a thickness greater than 40mm (1 & 9/16 inches).

Through the eyelets insert no. 6 screw along with suitable raw plugs. Use tubular with a diameter of 116 ~ 120mm cut required length.



External fan diameter: 21.5cm

Height: 7.6cm

Internal fan tube diameter: 12cm

Internal fan tube height: 4cm

WS Sunvent SVT-212S

GST Included
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