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SOMA 1kW Wind Generator

Wind Turbine only. Excludes installation, Controller, Inverter, Dump load and Tower.


SOMA 1000 Manual


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Electrical Characteristics 

Rated output: 1000 watts

Peak output: 1200 watts

Cut in wind speed: 3.5 m/s

Rated wind speed: 10 m/s

Max design wind speed: 50 m/s

Feathering mechanism: Tilt-up

Rotor diameter: 2.7 m

Number of blades: 2 blades

Operating speeds: 250 - 800 rpm

Blade construction: GRP

Alternator type: Permanent magnet 3 phase

Voltage: 48V Off-Grid / 230V On-Grid

Controller: MPPT 48V Off-Grid / Voltsys+ABB On-Grid


Mechanical Characteristics

Shipping Volume: 0.15m³

Shipping weight: 50 kg


Often purchased with:

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AWS Towers - 9m, 12m or 18m tower, footing and lift pole

M Soma Wind Generator

GST Included
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