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ABB Wind Ready Solar Inverter 2kW + AWS Wind Controller WC20A/800 + Dump Load 


*NB: Grid Connect Bundles are also appropriate for Off-Grid AC Connect (with additional programming)


With the integration of the AWS wind turbine controller, the ABB wind ready solar inverter works seamlessly as a wind inverter. The ABB wind ready solar inverter is pre-configured to either power curve or frequency curve inputs.
The simplicity of installation, seamless integration and  wide input values make the ABB Wind ready solar inverter the most flexible Wind capable grid tie  inverter world wide.
A complete turn key grid integrated or off Grid AC tied Wind turbine system  is now accessible and ready for installation.

Smart capabilities
The embedded logging capabilities and direct transferring of the data to Internet (via Ethernet or WLAN) allow customers to enjoy 
the whole Aurora Vision remote monitoring experience. The advanced communication interfaces (WLAN, Ethernet, RS485) combined with an efficient Modbus 
(RTU/TCP) communication protocol, Sunspec compliant, allow the inverter to be easily integrated within any smart environment and with third party monitoring and control systems.
A complete set of control functions with the embedded efficient algorithm, enabling dynamic control of the feed-in (i.e. zero injection), make the inverter suitable for worldwide applications in compliance with regulatory norms and needs of the utilities.


Energy Viewer 
This new tool allows residential customers to remotely monitor the performance of their own solar plant and provides all information necessary to increase energy self-reliance and self-sufficiency. 


•    Wireless access to the embedded Web User Interface
•    Easy commissioning capability
•    Future-proof with embedded connectivity for smart building and smart grid integration
•    Dynamic feed-in control (for instance “zero injection”)
•    Remote firmware upgrade for inverter and components
•    Modbus TCP/RTU Sunspec compliant
•    Lifetime free of charge access to Aurora Vision



AWS, Australia's leading wind turbine manufacturer (under 100kW), delivers the ABB inverter wind turbine controller/interface. 
Features include; 

•    Rectify the wild AC from a turbine for use with inverters
•    Store the power curve for the inverter and control the inverter power, over-riding solar MPPT, and enabling solar inverters to work with wind or hydro
•    Variable dump load management in PWM to control turbine speed and protect inverters from over-voltage
•    Provide data-logging for turbine speed and voltage, inverter power and wind speed.


Load Diversion
The AWS wind controller diversion load output can be switched as a variable load using PWM, or by the set on/off points. Both options are fully configurable and can be used to manage turbine over-voltage or to slow a turbine in gusts.  
The controller also provides a load during grid failure (on/off set points only).  
Multipurpose Relay  
The controller includes a relay which can be switched based on frequency or voltage to manage pitch, or 3 phase dump load etc. 

Modbus Connectivity 
The controller has modbus and we can provide a list of protocols. 

Data Logging 
When a fault has occurred, datalogging can indicate the nature of the fault. The controller stores logs for 1 year to an on-board micro-SD card. Logged information includes; 

•    Turbine RPM (as frequency), both average and peak
•    Turbine DC Voltage
•    Wind Speed (if anemometer present)

•    Controller brake, dump load and any fault status
•    Turbine phase loss detection

•    Inverter Status including;

o    AC Voltage & Current

o    DC Voltage & Current


Rectifier and Capacitors 
The controllers come with a range of options for rectifier and capacitor sizes depending on power and working voltage. 

LCD Screen  
An internal LCD screen provides basic information on turbine status. 



2kW AWS dump load can be used for wind or hydro.

Rated Power: 2kW

Rated Voltage: 200V DC or AC

Rated Current: 10 Amps

Nominal Resistance Value: 20Ω

Tolerance of Resistance: +/- 5%

Dimensions (mm): Length 500 x Width 200 x Height 260

Manufacture No.: AWS/CP17080163

Cooling Fans Supply: 220VAC~240VAC

Includes electric fan with 3 thermo switches set at 60 degrees celsius.


View ABB Wind Ready Solar Inverter Technical Specifications

View AWS Controller Technical Specifications

M Grid Connected 2kW Wind Controller Bundle

GST Included
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